Nihon Jujutsu

Nihon Jujutsu is the study of unarmed fighting and self-defence, including punches, strikes, locks and throws, as well as escapes. Members also study rolling and fall breaking. This results in a dynamic training about how to move the body against attacks from various points of view. The school of Nihon Jujutsu that we study is part of the International Suigetsujuku Bujutsu Association (ISBA), and incorporates teachings from various koryu jujutsu styles, including:


  Kashima Shin-ryu

  Araki Shin-ryu

  Asayama Ichiden-ryu

  Shibukawa Ichi-ryu

How we Learn- and what to expect

The curriculum consists of quite a variety of techniques. Novice members learn skills in cycles of 6 weeks. Each lesson focuses on one basic skill (Kihon Renshute) countering 10 different angles of attack. Depending on the skill level of the participants, the instructor can choose to include one or two kata to start applying some of the basic skills. More advanced members focus on Shoden, Chudan, or Okuden kata, depending on their skill level.

Clothing & Equipment- Available through the school

Participants wear a white karate uniform and a white belt. White tabi (martial art socks) are optional. Members can also opt to wear a white judo uniform instead as it is more padded. Blackbelt participants are required to become a member of the headquarter organisation in Japan, and wear a different uniform, consisting of a white karategi and a black hakama. During spring and summer months, outdoor training occurs for which dark martial arts gear or sports gear is recommended. No equipment is required.