Otsuka-Sensei, Soke of Meifu Shinkage Ryu Shurikenjutsu visited La Ronge during the second Annual Saskatchewan MSR Seminar, and the third MSR seminar in Canada. The seminar took place on October 15 and 16 2016, and was attended by members from both MSR Keikokai in Canada.

It was unfortunate that two MSR Saskatchewan Keikokai members were unable to attend due to medical conditions. Nevertheless, they were with us in our thoughts.

Day one included an intense review of all Shodan waza, most importantly the skills that were trained during the seminars in 2015. We trained a combination of Bo-shurikenjutsu and Fundo Kusari-jutsu. Two members were mukyu and had limited experience with the Fundo. Together with other members they trained using safety Fundo Kusari weapons. In the evening, a large supper was organized at the residence of the MSR Saskatchewan Keikokai leader.

Day two was deepening of all the skills, as well as the introduction of many application skills for Bo-shurikenjutsu. At the end of this day, all members participated in the examination proceedings. When suddenly a power failure occurred, some members were forced to do their examination in the dark, with some light coming from emergency lights and some light, snow, and cold coming in through an open door. Nevertheless, all members passed their examination.

The evening was cosy, without power, but an emergency propane light kept us warm and illuminated.



  • Randall Ramoutar,

    How long was the power out for? We saw a downed power line on the way to P.A.

  • Chris Defeijter,

    The power came back on around 3am.

  • Krista De Feijter,

    I really like the picture you chose 😉

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