An awesome training experience with Filip Bartos-Sensei from Czech Republic.

Saturday May 28, 2016.

In the morning, we started with Meishi-ha Mugai-ryu Iaido, reviewing and practicing Reiho. From there we continued most of the morning focusing on kihon, as well as four kata: two in seiza and two standing kata. Bartos-Sensei’s focus always helped us improve skill, awareness, and self-reflection.

In the afternoon, Meifu Shinkage-ryu Bo-Shuriken-jutsu was the main aim of study. After a brief review of kihon (basics), we went into the application of skills. We worked on a total of 12 skills, including Hane uchi, Ne Uchi, Nigiri, Shinkage, and Juji Uchi.

The last part of the afternoon was reserved for Fundo Kusarijutsu. We worked on the 10 Shodan kata, very detailed, going through each of the movements to ensure proper execution of each step. This was a very intense training, and very enjoyable.

Sunday May 29, 2016.

Training started with Mugai-ryu Kenjutsu. The focus was on the 5 kihon kata, ensuring proper movement, kime and timing. Quite some time was spent on making sure the flow was in the movement, wic was quite a challenge for us.

In the afternoon, we shifted to Genko Nito-ryu, a sword-style using the long and short sword at the same time. We did not have wakizashi available, so we used wooden swords instead.

Later in the afternoon, the examination results were reviewed, resulting in Ni-kyu for Chris, and San-kyu for Darren, in both Mugai-ryu and Genko Nito-ryu.

We are looking forward to our next training with Bartos-Sensei, possibly looking at teaching additional skills from different schools as well.


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  • Randall Ramoutar,

    Sounds like it was an amazing experience. Hopefully I can be there next time.

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