On the first day of our Japan training, I visit Tabata-dojo for a private training session with Otsuka-sensei.

I think I forgot pack my Shomenuchi in my suitcase, as it took quite some time to adjust and fight fatique. Nevertheless, the training session went really well and was quite exhausting. We also trained all Shodan, Nidan, and Sandan kata with the Fundo Kusari. At the end of the session, I passed the examination for ikkyu.

After training, we walked towards Rikugien Garden. We tried to visit a restaurant we had selected before our trip, however it was closed. Instead, Otsuka-sensei, my wife and I had a delicious lunch as a small Soba restaurant. It was very enjoyable, and thank you Otsuka-sensei for selecting the perfect cold Soba Noodle dish.

Then we visited Rikugien Garden and saw one of the most magnificent Cherry trees and other amazing nature scenery. It was not very busy in the park and therefore we could take some very nice photos. Besides koi-carp, we also saw many ducks. One type of bird made such a funny sound that Krista found to be very enjoyable.


  • Joe Lillis,

    Congratulations on your grading !

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