Taka Budo Dokokai martial Arts Inc. brings modern and traditional Japanese Martial Arts to Saskatchewan and Canada. Our members can choose from a variety of styles, from karate to Kenjutsu. We only respond to serious inquiries about our training. We cannot respond to questions about other schools of martial arts, including other lineages of schools that we study.

If you are interested in starting to study Japanese martial arts, why now make an appointment with the head instructor for an orientation lesson? Such can either be during regular training sessions or if preferred in private. You will learn about all the schools of martial arts that we study and also get to try some skills. An orientation lesson takes about one hour.

Membership and training sessions are available to participants in good physical and mental health. Please consult a physician before you start your training. Membership may be revoked due to inappropriate conduct of a member. Please ask about our training code of conduct. All members require to show proof of having a clear criminal record check.

Some of photos we took in Japan and during Keiko

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If you have questions that have not be answered on this website, why not write us a message? We only respond to serious inquiries. All messages regarding the marketing of martial arts products as well as questions about other schools and lineages cannot be responded to.