Taka Budo Dokokai Martial Arts Inc.

Taka Budo Dokokai Martial Arts Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation, with as goal to study modern and classical Japanese martial arts (budo) in Saskatchewan and in Canada. We manage several programs that are rigorous, exciting, as well as challenging at times. We invite you to come train with us to start enjoying the numerous benefits of studying martial arts through enhancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual development. Our lessons are available for both beginner and advanced levels.

  Our mission is to enjoy martial arts as a mindful activity

  Our goal is a healthy mind and body

  Our vision is beeing one with nature

First and foremost, training at our school is about enjoyment, fun, and passion. Participants are dedicated to enhance their own skills, even though this can be very challenging. Our adult group only has a few members, however each of them is very dedicated and ready to assist novice members with better understanding techniques and skills.

There are many martial arts schools these days, and often it is difficult for new members to understand if a school is authentic. The instructors at Taka Budo Dokokai Martial Arts Inc. believe in maintaining direct contact with the Japanese masters to further enhance skills.

Our Team - Dedicated, adventures people 

Dr. Chris de Feijter

Head Instructor

Dr. Chris de Feijter is a private student of several Japanese masters of Martial Arts, all living in Japan. This lineage is important for the authenticity and purity of what we teach during our lessons. Chris started with karate in the 1980-ies, and is currently studying Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, Meifu Shinkage Ryu, Nihon Jujutsu, and Masaki Ryu.


Mayriel Madronio


May started learning various budo in our school in 2016. She has mainly been studying Jujutsu and Meifu Shinkage Ryu. Her learning progress is remarkable and quite rapid. May is a dedicated assistant in the Ninja Kids Martial Arts classes, and the ninja kids enjoy learning with and from her and having fun!


Darren Thomas

Co Instructor

Darren started in Taka Budo Dokokai in 2014 with Taijutsu training. After a few months of training, he also became interested in Meifu Shinkage Ryu. Darren is currently the third highest ranked Meifu Shinkage Ryu student in Canada. Professionally, Darren is a scholar and works for the provincial government.


" Martial art techniques left to us from long ago are like concentrated crystals of beauty. It would be shameful to let them go to waste. I must study hard, interpret them my way, and create new meaning for each skill to ensure the future generation can continue to enjoy them. That is my mission. - Chris de Feijter

Your Questions

Please contact the head instructor to discuss learning opportunities at your earliest convenience.
All members are required to show proof of a clear criminal record. No exceptions. We want to be confident that everyone is learning for the right reasons.
Taka Budo Dokokai charges a fee of CAD40 per month for training one school. Please see the Training Fee page for more details.
Hombu fees are the membership and registration fees that each member pays to Japan. These fees are not included with the training fee. More details can be found on the training fee page.
No. Our school does not organize or participate in competitions. If you are looking for martial art as a sport activity, you are recommended to look for a different school.
Our head instructor provides private training sessions in La Ronge only. Students often travel to la Ronge for a day of intense instruction. The fee for a private training sessions is $100 per day. Online sessions are also available to provide additional support to students living further away.

Please note that MMA is not welcome in our school. We practice modern and traditional martial arts, and this comes with responsibilities towards our own teachers in Japan.

Belts & Ranks

Some have asked about the belts and ranks of our instructors. We do not openly advertise such out of humbleness. Please ask us about belts and ranks during a training and we will be glad to explain to you the modern and traditional methods of how skills are rated. However, it is more important to understand that we are authorized as Keikokai (study group), dojo (school), as well as country representative (branch) for some of the martial arts that we study and teach. That in itself comes with a tremendous responsibility towards our members.